Learn to garden NOW!

I stumbled across this blog post by way of Pinterest today and had to read it a couple of times for it to really hit home for me.

New Life On A Homestead » Blog Archive » You Must Learn To Garden NOW!.

Why did this hit home?  Simple: I waited too long and now find myself really, REALLY needing the skills that I could have learned already.  I need my garden to be well and truly productive in order to help minimize our food bill this year, since I’m not working at this time.

In light of this, I am a bad “prepper” in that emergency preparedness is one of those things that I am a fan of and I was complacent. I’m paying the price for that now, though.

That’s a feeling that is definitely NOT comfortable.

Besides that, though, I’m thinking that managing the garden may be good therapy to help me stave off the depression that I am sure is coming. It hasn’t hit yet, at least not overtly. But I’ve been trying to stay busy with planning the garden plots this year, as well as making plans for herbal concoctions to sell on Etsy. The problem with that, though, is that there is a moderately high cost of entry and a LOT of competition. Would be less at a farmers market, though.

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