Happiness is fresh beef jerky

It’s true. When I make beef jerky, everyone gets rather excited. In fact, some times, the jerky (usually just 3-4 trays) is gone almost before I can get any.


I use an American Harvest Snackmaster Express dehydrator for my food dehydrating needs, though that falls to mostly beef jerky. Add to that the Hi Mountain Seasonings and jerky making is drop-dead easy. The “hardest” part of jerky making is cutting up the meat, and that’s not hard at all. I just wish that I could convince SWMBO that I should get a “jerky gun” since I like strips as well as whole muscle chunks.

One of the local grocery stores puts meat that is near expiration on discount, so I may have to start hitting up that place early in the mornings.  I just need to figure out how to store the jerky that’s finished.

With our change in income status, I have a sneaking suspicion that I’ll be making more jerky, more often. And, probably drying fruits and veg, as well. heck, between the food dryer and the home canning stuff, I’ll be a food-preserving MACHINE!!!

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4 responses to “Happiness is fresh beef jerky

  • edjumpoff

    Hey, followed you over here from the Ultimate Blog Party!! I was happy to meet Michael months ago as a male blogger, now another one, way cool. Love the homemade beef jerky, we recently tried some made from pork which was really good. Sorry to hear about your situation, but this to will pass. Nice to meet you, I don’t see where I can follow you, on twitter or facebook.

    • Geordon

      Welcome! Things are progressing much better than I had expected, honestly, which helps. I didn’t realize that there was no Twitter follow here, but you can follow me @zen_jewitch on Twitter and profgeordon on Pinterest.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Michael Schmid (@adaddyblog)

    Hey, Geordon. It’s good to see you again. Been a while? I’ve gotta get one of these. My wife even likes Jerkey, and I love that you can control the ingredients. :)

    • Geordon

      Good to see you again, Michael! Hope things are going better for you than me, lately. That dehydrator is a good entry- to mid-grade model, and there are a number of add-ons that you can get, like the fruit leather tray liner. I really like being able to make different flavors of jerky any time that I want, and this drier works pretty fast, just about overnight.

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